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[Studio Tar (Kyouichirou)] To LOVE Tsukuyo!! (Gintama)

In Releases on February 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

All right it’s done! I was originally starting on the pages of another doujin when I saw the japanese raws and chinese scanlation of To Love-Ru Tsukky. Now, I don’t recall seeing a Tsukuyo doujin anywhere (or a good one at least), and nobody seemed to have uploaded English scanlations of it, so I figured, why not me? Because I was working off the Chinese subs for the meaning, and Japanese source for verification, I was able to quickly understand the content and translate it to English.

It was very tiring though. This doujin only took 1 week to do, but if i hadn’t had my passion for Gintama, Tsukuyo, the awesome lines I was translating and the top notch cleanliness of the Raw, this would have taken half a year at least.

About the Doujin

This doujinshi is great in that its style follows very similarly to Sorachi-sensei’s. However I made a few rephrasings and additions during the translation, because I felt some portions just had the character repeating text, or wording their sentences in a very convoluted way. Sometimes, particularly near the part where the action begins, the spirit of the doujin fades. So I rewrote some portions to make it more Gintama – I hope it didn’t make the content worse off.

Changes Made
Below are the changes I’ve made to the content of the doujin. You should read the doujin first though to avoid spoiling your first impressions.

——————— Spoilers ————————–

The changes are based on the original Japanese source, since the Chinese scanlation also made a few changes occasionally too.


[Chronolog] Alstroemeria

In Releases on June 5, 2011 at 8:36 pm

Hmmm a re-announcement (not re-release) of the one project that GenSouKyoku Subs ever done, before it went under.

It’s a short, sweet smut featuring Minami Sui x Yagyuu Kyuubei from Gintama. A lovely read, really.


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