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[Studio Tar (Kyouichirou)] To LOVE Tsukuyo!! (Gintama)

In Releases on February 23, 2012 at 12:02 pm

All right it’s done! I was originally starting on the pages of another doujin when I saw the japanese raws and chinese scanlation of To Love-Ru Tsukky. Now, I don’t recall seeing a Tsukuyo doujin anywhere (or a good one at least), and nobody seemed to have uploaded English scanlations of it, so I figured, why not me? Because I was working off the Chinese subs for the meaning, and Japanese source for verification, I was able to quickly understand the content and translate it to English.

It was very tiring though. This doujin only took 1 week to do, but if i hadn’t had my passion for Gintama, Tsukuyo, the awesome lines I was translating and the top notch cleanliness of the Raw, this would have taken half a year at least.

About the Doujin

This doujinshi is great in that its style follows very similarly to Sorachi-sensei’s. However I made a few rephrasings and additions during the translation, because I felt some portions just had the character repeating text, or wording their sentences in a very convoluted way. Sometimes, particularly near the part where the action begins, the spirit of the doujin fades. So I rewrote some portions to make it more Gintama – I hope it didn’t make the content worse off.

Changes Made
Below are the changes I’ve made to the content of the doujin. You should read the doujin first though to avoid spoiling your first impressions.

——————— Spoilers ————————–

The changes are based on the original Japanese source, since the Chinese scanlation also made a few changes occasionally too.

Page 6
* When Shinpachi asks if this is alright, Gin-san only replied that this is the Gintama way about things.
[removed] He repeated himself again in a way, by saying this is the Gintama that everyone loves.
[added] Gin-san takes a snip at Shinpachi, who complains off panel that he knows Gintama too.
* When Kagura and Shinpachi are leaving,
[removed] Kagura just says a simple goodbye
[added] Kagura is now hinting at Gin-san, and mocking, the cliche “left alone at home” situations that doujins always have.

Page 8
* Tsukuyo says she comes to thank Gin-san,
[removed] Gin-san asks Tsukuyo if this was some kind of way to settle scores upon graduation. Yeah, no idea what she was saying.
[added] Gin-san assumes the gratitude was a shower of kunai, to which he remarks how delightful it is.

Page 9
* Gin-san tries to scare Tsukuyo off, and recalls the episode when he touched her boobs.
[removed] Gin-san comments how bouncy they felt. And Tsukuyo said it was because it was so chaotic. Not much link.
[added] Gin-san now comments on her willingness to let him touch previously, to which she claims it was an accident.

Page 13
* [added] Ero-Vision. yea. šŸ™‚

Page 14
* [added] Gin-san said his scouter (dick) cannot register Yoshiwara’s power levels. I tried to have a level 9000 joke, but this is much better. After all Gin-san liked to give very innocent sounding names to refer to the male member in the show.

Page 16
* [removed] Tsukuyo says that [the semen] was intoxicating
[added] She now says she wants more of it. Which links in to the fact that she was trembling in that picture.
* [removed] Tsukuyo comments how much she drunk [of the semen], and implicitly accuses Gin-san of trying to make her drunk.
[added] That was too much to write, so I opted to make Tsukuyo more innocent instead, seeming not to know what is happening to her body.

Page 19
* Gin-san comforts Tsukuyo before proceeding to penetrate her.
[removed] Gin-san monologues about striking fast at the opportunity, not giving even the chance to catch her breath. And on Page 20, he says “in one strike”.
[added] The original monologue made Gin-san quite a mean and abusive person, as the following pages would show as well. I opted Gin-san to be more appreciative of the opportunity, in a nod to Toriko.

Page 22
* [removed] Gintoki berates Tsukuyo for flaunting her assets around in a seductive way (her clothing i guess), and specifically highlights her armpit to be one of those seductive assets she keeps revealing.
[added] Gin-san has an armpit fetish? I didn’t like how abusive Gintoki was becoming, so I tried to tone down his words.

Page 23
* [removed] Tsukuyo asks Gin-san not to look at her butt.
[added] The butt seems have no relevance here; in fact the butt comment would be more relevant next page.

* [added] The popeye comment… I didn’t like how Gintoki is treating Tsukuyo, so I thought this comment would make Gintoki more Gintoki-like.

Page 24
* Gin-san says how he can see her butt
[removed] Gin-san repeats himself again by saying he could see everything/all the way in.
[added] I added Tsukuyo’s comment about not looking at her butt from the previous page.
* Gin-san pokes his finger into her butt hole
[removed] Gin-san comments that while Tsukuyo might say that [about her butt], but she’s actually getting tighter
[added] If you look at the next page, they climax and the doujin ends. The comment about tightness seems too abrupt to the end. To prepare the readers mentally for the doujin ending next page and the climax, I tried to form a sentence using the words “come” and “finish”.

Page 25
* Tsukyo comes to the realisation of what just happened.
[removed] Tsukuyo scolds Gin-san for ejaculating in her
[added] The original text implied that Tsukuyo was alright with everything up to internal ejaculation. Given the premise that Tsukuyo wasn’t a loose woman, and she was pretty much caught in the situation like a leaf in a river current, it seems more apt to have her be totally dismayed at what just transpired.

  1. Thank you so much for this, as a huge fan of Gintama, this doujin is just perfect.

  2. Thank you very much for this. Like I know it’s been a while since you’re active but I really appreciate you for bringing this doujin to us ^^ Also I appreciate the changes you made because we know Gintoki wouldn’t be as abusive (even if THIS IS a fan-made materials).

  3. This is…probably the best gintama hentai I’ve ever seen. Not only am I a GinTsuki shipper (and a giant shiroyasha fan period), but this fit so well with the original style.

    Not for those who can’t laugh while fapping šŸ˜›

  4. I somehow forgot to mention THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for doing this, lol

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