Keifu Subs


軽浮 (けいふ) : fickle; frivolous

Basically that’s the driving philosophy behind Keifu Subs – that subs are only done as and when I feel like it.

To be honest, we all don’t have a lot of time, and when we do, we invest in it worthwhile ventures, not shady projects like this that no one else can see. Hence, the sporadic/non-existent updates.

GenSouKyoku Subs

Keifu Subs is the rebranding of gskSubs. Because GSK is a lot of words to pronounce; because I was feeling rather upset when I lost the passion to do any subbing for a long period of time; I rashly deleted the old WordPress account for gskSubs. So I had to rebrand again. 😦


I’m really the only one behind Keifu Subs. I’m doing this as a side project to improve my Japanese. But don’t worry – though my Japanese is still not up to par, I am fluent in Chinese (therefore Kanji), and I have some unidirectional Eng-Jap dictionaries, and to help me in deciphering the meaning.

I guess cultural references (as seen in the Gintama manga) would be lost on me, but I don’t suppose that’s a problem where the subject matter is concerned. 😉

Rate of Updates

I have only got time to work on it during summer breaks. Outside of it, I’m pretty much in school the whole time, so there’s nowhere safe to open up such content. So, at my very best, expect one update every half a year.

Selected Manga

The mangas I translate would be under these few personal criteria:

  • Having no prior English translation
  • Legible prose and cleanliness
  • No objectionable content, eg. Guro, Vore, Yaoi
  • Is based on popular Anime/Manga (eg. Gintama) rather than original works

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